Gentleman, get familiar with ascots. “What?! Does it look like ‘Cocky Salesman’ is written across my forehead?” you say.  No, it probably looks more like you stepped off your ultra-luxurious mega-yacht named ‘Nirvana’ in the south of France.  Or like a young dashing Al Pacino in Godfather II, below.

ASCOTS the_godfather_movie_image_al_pacino__2_

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Cape it up this holiday season.  Not just as a coat, but rather on top of your holiday gear. Yes, that includes the gorgeous gown for your super black tie gala.  Or better yet, be your own superhero and wear it in the kitchen while you’re on your holiday cookie-baking spree. Who said capes require formalities?

elsa schiap cape  (more…)

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