Glamorous Hairstyles for the Busy Woman

Between putting together an outfit, applying make-up, and all your other morning tasks sometimes your hair gets lost in the shuffle and you get stuck in a rut. Having a few easy and glamorous hairstyles in your beauty arsenal can be a lifesaver for rushed mornings and spontaneous outings.





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Five Easy Steps to Make Your Wardrobe Work For You

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What to do when you doubt everything

“When all your desires are distilled, you will cast just two votes – to love more, and be happy.” -Hafiz, Sufi Poet

Do you ever doubt everything you’re doing, everything you’re working on, and everything you’re working towards? Do you sometimes wish you could stay in bed all day long?

You’re not alone.  Millions of highly successful people go through periods of questioning what they’re doing.  In fact, numerous articles from esteemed publications have written on the subject.  


First, know that it’s important to have time to do absolutely NOTHING.  It’s an art form that needs to be resuscitated. How can you expect anything creative or powerful from yourself if you don’t re-charge your batteries every so often? Meditating goes hand-in-hand with “doing nothing”.  Meditation, or being mindful, is a form of consciousness that promotes relaxation and internal energy.  It’s helps to clear the mind and ease many health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.


Second, know that successful people will do at least one thing every single day to put themselves in a better position to get lucky and then use that luck to grow.  They know that it doesn’t come easy and they’re bound to fail more than they’ll succeed at anything. They’re willing to learn from each failure to make better decisions that lead to success later. While many people give up after failing at something, a successful person will persevere.


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Academy Awards 2014 Best Dressed

The Academy Awards were held at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre this week.  The OSCARS, as it is nicknamed, is an American Awards ceremony honoring achievements in the film industry. Here are our favorite dresses from the red carpet Academy Awards Ceremony  2014 (click to enlarge):


From left to right: Camilla Alves, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, and Sarah Paulson. (more…)

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