How To Live “Glamorously”

How did I JUST find this YouTube video?!

It’s right up my alley and made me smile EAR TO EAR because the title seems to be interchangeable with “How To Live SIMPLY“.   It’s a reminder to do the simple, ordinary, and often mundane things with extraordinary love.

It also made me smile because I LOVE the things it mentions, and totally suggest we all incorporate at least ONE of these ten ideas. Figured I would share it with you.

What are YOU doing to live “glamorously”? I’d love to know, so share it in the comments below!

Enjoy the last week in August!

With much love and appreciation,



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My Interior Picks

The business has been taking off, and we’re pleased to offer 2 (TWO!!) new things for you. I am SO excited, I can’t contain myself!

  • The first big news is that we now do ONE-ROOM INTENSIVES in addition to the multi-room intensives. It’s awesome if you, or someone you know needs an office, bedroom, or whatever room they can think of, re-done. Even if it’s at their work place! It’s all-inclusive, using a holistic approach to understand you and your needs. There’s no size or time limit, It’s effortless and convenient, and you can read all about it here.


  • The second piece of big news is that we now do RESIDENTIAL STAGING. According to the National Association of Realtors, professional staging increases the market value of your home by 8-10% and according to, 91% of homes staged by professionals sell in one month or less. So, if your staged home sells quickly, you could be saving yourself from a price reduction.  Email us at for a proposal.

If you’re interested to see what interior items I’d pick for decorating a new space, here you have it!

I grouped some items together in different categories pertaining to each specific style: mid-century modern, hollywood regency, and rustic chic just to give you examples.

Did you like these choices? You can purchase each item! Click on each board to give you more information, and remember to sign up for to receive weekly Style Habits tidbits in the newsletter!


Living Room: Mid-Century


Living Room: Mid-Century by karenann516 featuring mid century modern home decor


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Pre-Fall 2014 Women’s Looks

I’m excited to showcase to you my second ever YouTube video! It was taken in Neiman Marcus, King of Prussia, PA back in June with Courtney Zapor.

Here we go over some ideas for Pre-Fall 2014 women’s looks. Hope this inspires you.

I’d love to do another YouTube video for you. Have questions you want answered? Want to do a video with us to get your name out there?  Email us at .

Want more ideas for your wardrobe and interior decor?

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Let us know in the comments below if you liked these looks. What’s your go-to for transitional wear (not yet finished summer/ not yet brisk fall)?





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Guest Post – 7 Reasons Why Window Treatments Are Necessary For Your Home

We have two (2!) exciting things of value to share with you: awesome information, and an awesome sale! Saks Fifth Avenue is having a great sale this weekend. Further details below!

Every once and a while, we’d like to introduce guest bloggers with related topics to our Style Habits community.  The goal is to provide value to you and share our recommended contacts.

Today we’re excited to share with you a guest post by Lea Tran who is a friend, and a certified window treatment consultant.  Her studio, which I’ve visited firsthand, is incredible. She does beautiful work and has many years of experience. Here is her article on why window treatments are necessary for your home:


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