10 Signs You’re Well-Dressed

A common question I get all the time is, “How can I be well-dressed?”  


In a nutshell, people perceive the term “well-dressed” as a culmination of 3 things:

1.  What you’re wearing
2.  Your grooming
3.  Your confidence

  • You could be wearing the ugliest outfit, but if you’re well groomed, and think you’re the best thing since high-speed internet, nobody really cares.  
  • You could be wearing the nicest outfit you have, but if you’re hair is greasy and your nails resemble Shrek’s, plus you’re constantly hunched over with a puss on your face, nobody will ever approach you or think you’re well-dressed. 

That being said, it depends what your event is, how you want to be perceived and what you want to communicate in order to dress yourself well.


Here are 10 signs to determine if you’re “well-dressed”:


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Fashion Touchdown & Men’s Suiting

Fellas, what do you wear to cocktail parties?  Ladies, what do you like to see men wear?

Most of the guys at the Fashion Touchdown event at Boyds in Center City Philadelphia wore navy suits.

Here is my personal breakdown for mens suiting colors:

  • Navy: no-fail great color to look powerful, young, and dapper, especially meeting people for the first time.
  • Gray: old school and classic, a la Vince Papale; great for getting hard work accomplished, add plaid for some “edge”
  • Browns: when you’re laying low, more casual style; great for summer and when you need to address bad news in a nice way.
  • Dark Greens:  rarely seen, but put it on your radar if you want to make a statement; great for cocktail parties
  • Black: classic and everyday; great for blending in and flying below the radar

How to add a personal touch:

    • Add (thin) pinstripes, box-check, or plaid patterns
    • Add bow ties, ascots, and pocket squares
    • Add clever cuff links that are 3-D (think a shark’s mouth, gear shifters, pocket knives, etc.)
    • Add a monogrammed tie clip
    • Wear bright, patterned or personality socks
    • Monogram your shirt cuffs or pockets

Check out the video below on Fashion Touchdown I put together for you!

  • Ladies, what do you love seeing men wear to cocktail parties?
  • Fellas, what’s your favorite suiting to wear?

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How To UP Your Style Game featuring FINCH JEWELERS

Want a quick way to UP your style game? You probably already have everything you need. Look no further than your local jeweler. Below, we feature Finch Jewelers in Lancaster, PA to get the 411 on how to do it.

Let us know who your favorite Jeweler is. What’s your favorite jewelry piece and why?

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