2014’s Best Dressed

Today seems like an appropriate time to bring you a roundup of 2014’s Best Dressed celebrities.

Take a tip from them and resolve to make 2015 a year that will make you feel better, do better and be a better person.

You’re super creative already, so you can definitely make it happen.

You know what looks amazing on you.

Just resolve to make it a HABIT to wear the best representation of yourself in 2015.

Making this commitment means not allowing anything else (crappy clothing and presentations of yourself) to happen.

Every step of the way I’ll be here to answer your toughest wardrobe-related questions.

Check out some of 2014’s ideas to propel you to the next level: (more…)

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Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Hi my friends!

The holidays are right around the corner, and you probably have a few people on your list you need to buy presents for.

I always feel good when I can help others while simultaneously gifting to family and friends – sort of like the Tom’s Shoes (Buy a pair, gift a pair business model).

So here’s a couple last minute items we’ve curated for you so that you can gift to your loved ones while also giving back to those in need. WIN/WIN.



Holiday Tie Sets from Nick Graham:
Nick Graham is a menswear company that aims to combine traditional menswear style with modern updates. For the holiday season they’ve teamed up with Career Gear, a nonprofit that empowers low-income men, and for each tie set purchased they will donate one to Career Gear.


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Holiday Attire Protocol

How are you showing up this holiday season?

With all the parties coming up, this is your prime opportunity to bask in the awesomeness that you are, and let your personality shine through!

From office parties to family get-togethers, here are some suggestions for you on how to look put-together and present your festiveness, no matter the dress code.


So what are you wearing this holiday season?


Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the Holiday Party Attire Pinterest page curated just for you for more inspiration.  CLICK HERE!





-Contributions by Carly Shapiro


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