How to Create your signature brand

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When you create your “signature brand” it’s important to think about how you want to appear to others.

This week I spoke to a group of amazing people on how you can leverage your presence to create more money and market share in your business and life… A topic that one of the audience members came up with was the concept of “fake it till you make it”:

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How to look aesthetically pleasing

Have you ever wondered if there was a science behind what we view as fashionable? Style and fashion are subjective, but haven’t you wondered if there’s some sort of pattern to what the majority sees as aesthetically pleasing?


Psychologist Kurt Gray and a team of researchers hypothesized that there must be something that makes us view an outfit as stylish. To start, the researchers choose an essential element in any look—color. They showed the participants different pairs of color combinations and asking them to rank whether it was a good or bad combination, how they felt about it, and how fashionable it was.

The conclusion was that, across genders, participants hated combinations that clashed but they also hated “matchy-matchy” outfits. The best ranked outfits were the ones that fall into the middle, where you add just enough of your personality, but not enough that your outfit looks like a costume.  He brings up the “Goldilocks Principle” which is described as optimum psychological well-being–i.e., flow–is achieved when experiences balance simplicity and complexity.

“These results are consistent with both centuries of philosophical thought and more recent psychological studies on the importance of “the middle way.” The Goldilocks principle may also explain aesthetic judgments beyond fashion, reflecting a basic principle of human preference that seeks to balance simplicity and complexity, order and disorder. Indeed, people prefer music that balances melodic simplicity and complexity. This quantitative analysis of fashion is only a first step in empirical aesthetics, but it highlights the utility of bringing science to art; psychological science can help explain the important but often invisible judgments of daily life.”

So what does this mean for you?

Next time you’re struggling to put a look together, don’t be afraid to be brave and mix patterns and colors together. The simplest way is to make sure colors contrast, but don’t clash.  Take a look at the color wheel and keep complimentary colors in mind.

When you mix patters, mix medium or large print with a smaller one or with plaid or stripes in a complimentary color so its not as overwhelming.

What outfit do YOU always get compliments on?  I’d love to know in the comments below!

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Study: The Science of Fashion

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A case study for embracing your style

I find that the more you embrace your personal style, your quirks, your taste, and all your little personalities, the more successful you become.

This leads me to share with you a perfect case study of doing such. My awesome, beautiful,  talented, and motivational long-time friend Jesse sent me a video this morning that she made and I’d like to share with you (with her blessing).

When Jesse and I lived together during college, we used to get up early and workout together, and then we would watch youtube videos and teach each other how to do dances, as if we were the backup dancers to rap groups. Needless to say, she’s phenomenal at dancing.

Additionally, she’s super talented with editing and putting together creative “diddy’s” on video.  She combines her motivational quality, and her energetic and humorous personality with her talents.  The result is on another level.

When I received the video below via text message this morning, I had to push aside my Style Habits blog game plan to immediately share with you her awesomeness.  Her adorable niece makes a guest appearance.

Jesse is a prime example how we create, design and STYLE the life we live.  How, when we accept our unique talents and gifts, we bring light and happiness to others.  You were born Amazing!  Beautiful!  And Extraordinary!  Take your joys and run with them.  Like Jesse does.

In the comments below, share with me if you know someone like Jesse, and how they use their gifts and talents to bring joy and happiness to others.  I’d love to know.

Stay on your style game.

Happy Friday my friends, and enjoy your holiday weekend.







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