Maternity Wardrobe Tips for the Professional

When your pregnant belly is growing, how can you make your wardrobe work for you while still being professional?  This struggle is so real, and something I’m personally going through: I’m expecting a little bambino this coming December.

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From experience, I’ve gathered some great tips for you to maximize your professionalism with your current wardrobe, as well as advice for maternity and pre/post maternity-wear purchases: (more…)

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Life-Enhancing Information

I only pass along information and habits that I know will benefit you.  So I want to share an experience that enhanced my thinking and life, and could definitely enhance yours too, for the better.


A book was recommended to me by a few of my clients.  After the third client mentioned it, I figured it was a sign, and had to read it. Now I see why.  The author’s values parallel my philosophy:

Whenever I help organize my client’s closets, I always tell them to put on one side all the items that they LOVE.  Take note why you love it.  Is it the cut? color? fabric?  Write it down.  Then I ask, which pieces do you hate or that just get you by? Discard these items.

Make sure whenever you’re shopping or looking for new pieces that you revert back to why you loved the items you LOVED, and replicate that feeling.

But reading this book took my wardrobe philosophy to a whole other level: the HOME.

So much so, that this past week I’ve put the book to use, and turned my home upside down, and then right side up (with my husband’s patience of a saint).


“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a quick and easy read about eradicating clutter to enjoy the finer things in life. The author, a Japanese woman named Marie Kondo, discusses how to “tidy”.

One important thing to note is that Marie’s method has yielded zero rebound clients.  Her magic? She says tidying consists of two things: discarding and storing.  Discarding comes first, and then storing.  It must be in that order.  When discarding, focus ONLY on keeping things that “spark joy in your life”.  Really ask yourself, “Does this spark joy in my life?”. Then store. But remember, storage is not the solution.


Too often, we focus on what we need to get rid of, rather than ONLY what we want to keep. When you change your focus to keeping ONLY the things that make you happy, and spark joy, your life becomes more streamlined.

Kondo goes into detail on how to go about tidying:  clump your tidying into categories (such as ALL clothing or ALL paperwork), and the order of categories you tackle really makes a difference, too:  Start with easy things that can replicated such as your wardrobe, and leave the things that are rare, one-of-a-kind and very personal, such as sentiments and photos till the end. She talks about how to store anything from socks to your essential paperwork, and even gives tips on how to deal with gifts from people, and how to enter your home.

Tidying should NOT be a daily, habitual, or routine thing. It should happen only once, and that’s it.

I highly recommend you invest in yourself and read this book. I’m not getting anything for promoting it… just a good feeling for recommending something I agree wholeheartedly with.

My experience after tidying?  I feel like a new person… like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I wish only the same for you too.

Click on the picture below to check it out on Amazon:

and click below to check it out for Audible:


Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read the book and put it to use?  If so, how do you feel now?

Do you have any tidying tips of your own?  I’d love to know!

Much love and tidy-ness to you,


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Something I’ve personally struggled with is making habits stick.  However, I’ve found that whenever I take baby steps, meaning approaching one habit at a time and focusing all of my attention on it, positive results are usually present.

It’s the constant routine that creates cultivation.


I’m here to give you tools and strategies to help up your style game.  Therefore, if you want good style habits, cultivate the habit of preparation. I’m going to give you a secret:


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4 Ways To Look Professional in 100°

Need tips to beat the summer heat while at the office?  Look no further, I’ve got you covered!


1.  GO PRO:


  • Solid colors vs. prints
  • Moderate doses of bright colors (i.e., have one bright pop of coral and keep the rest neutrals)
  • Rock multiple pieces (3) vs. just (2)
    • knit or silk shell, linen jacket, and cotton ankle pants OR
    • use an accessory as the 3rd piece such as a wide belt to create a transition from a short-sleeve shirt tucked into a pencil skirt) OR
    • wear a dress with a short sleeve jacket/vest/ cardigan over it with a long necklace


  • Wild prints (Although simple florals, thin stripes or polka dots in neutral colors can work in the office)


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