Black Pants Syndrome – And How to Fix It

29 pants

Do you suffer from black pants syndrome?  Whether it’s your work attire, or your work-out attire, some of us get caught in the rut of wearing black pants all the time. Of course, black pants can be extremely classy and look great, but when worn over and over again, this might be time to break free.

Black pants are fast and easy because they provide a base for switching up your tops, shoes and accessories.  They’re also really safe and classic. But it can become extremely redundant if you’re constantly wearing the same thing all the time.

This article is for those of you who find yourself wearing the same thing (black pants) all the time. Here’s how to step out of your black-pant rut:


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How to look really bad visually (top 10)

Of course you don’t want to look bad, so I thought it would be interesting to give you feedback on what makes someone look really bad visually… Are you making these mistakes?

Nobody is perfect. This list can seem really mean, critical or rude, but it’s just pure honesty. When you acknowledge something is out of place, you can fix it.  That’s when your road to progress appears.

Please note, this list is just visuals… there are a host of other topics I could potentially put on a similar list expanding outside of visuals.

Here’s the top ten in no particular order:

1.You have massive dirt buildup under your nails OR you’re a guy and your fingernails are really long

dirty fingernails


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3 steps to transition into Quality while on a budget


Hi Karenann!

My name is Alex; I am in the fashion and busniness club at Temple Univeristy that you spoke to just a couple weeks ago and I could really use some advice. Although I have a job, I’m on a tight budget, but fashion is something that means a lot to me because it’s how I market myself. I’m only 19 but I find myself wanting more expensive, quality pieces in my wardrobe and most importantly to get rid of all of the less expensive pieces that take up space. What can I do to make that transition into a more mature wardrobe and getting rid of all my teenage pieces? Also, any advice on budgeting my money when it comes to buying these more expensive pieces I want?
Thank you so much!
Alex Cove
Thank you for your Question! You’re certainly not alone when it comes to wanting quality pieces on a budget.  This question is a very important one and I consistently get asked about it.  If the answer can help you, it can help others.
First of all, kudos to you for wanting to clear out the clutter and enjoy more quality things in your wardrobe. It’s not easy to recognize this, but once you do, you’re on the road to progress. Here’s 3 steps I’ve come up with to help you transition to more quality pieces on a budget:
Step 1: Get Light.


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