Black Pants Syndrome – And How to Fix It

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Do you suffer from black pants syndrome?  Whether it’s your work attire, or your work-out attire, some of us get caught in the rut of wearing black pants all the time. Of course, black pants can be extremely classy and look great, but when worn over and over again, this might be time to break free.

Black pants are fast and easy because they provide a base for switching up your tops, shoes and accessories.  They’re also really safe and classic. But it can become extremely redundant if you’re constantly wearing the same thing all the time.

This article is for those of you who find yourself wearing the same thing (black pants) all the time. Here’s how to step out of your black-pant rut:

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Why do you like them so much? Is it because they provide a neutral backdrop for everything else? Is it the fabric? Is it the cut of the pant?  How do you feel in them? Once you understand why you keep going back to black, you’ll then create the opportunity to move past it.

yoga pants


Find a substitute for the black pant based on your reasoning. Here’s some suggestions:

  • If you like your black pants because they’re neutral, make the switch to another neutral: navy, dark gray, maroon, or earth-toned pant instead.  You can pair the same shoes and tops as you did with the black.
  • If you like black pants because they’re of the fabric, utilize another color in a pant or skirt or even dress that is a similar fabric as your go-to favorite black pants, but in a different color or cut.
  • If you like your black pants because of the cut, find a similar cut or style of pant in a different color  or fabric.

The point is to replicate the way you feel in something different, as you do with your same old black pants.

green pants


  • Don’t be afraid to switch from your same old gear to a skirt, dress or a different fabric or cut or color (see awesome green pants in the picture above).
  • Go for a shorter or longer hem pant with a higher shoe
  • Go for a wider or more tapered cut than usual
  • Change up the waist level – did you ever try high-waisted trouser pants?
  • Add layers – throw a shorter dress over you pants and create a tunic style outfit

Stepping out of our comfort zone is hard, but is imperative to see any sort of progress.

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And as always, stay on your style game!



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