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KarenannLettiereGroup LLC empowers and elevates corporations, non-profits, executives, and professionals to transcend their perceived limitations to get on their A-game and achieve sustained business and personal success.


Clients of KarenannLettiereGroup LLC learn essential competencies to significantly enhance how they function and grow as leaders and organizations. Core strategies include developing relationships that balance the needs of a small team with those of the organization, as well as providing tools and resources that build confidence and visual presence to immediately impact the personal lives and the organizations for which the professionals work.

“Before listening to Karenann speak, I was not aware of the perception other people had of me.  Once we did her workshop, it really opened my eyes to the idea that what I saw about myself and what others saw were not in alignment.  I was able to get clear on who I wanted to be.  She was incredibly engaging, down-to-earth, and struck a chord with all of us.  I highly recommend her workshop for other businesses.”

     — Tina in reference to Karenann’s Signature Workshop


KarenannLettiereGroup LLC provides forecast analysis of different scenarios, customized feedback, and transformational guidance using a holistic approach.

Through relationship development, results of exceptional return on investment are established. These are directly measured through increased market share and significant increases in bottom line, salary, human capital, confidence and power.

Karenann can be utilized on an as-needed basis to coach and train professionals in a one-on-one private coaching setting.

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