How to break your “style rut”

So many people I’ve talked to lately have told me they’re in a style rut. They often times have a closet full of awesome clothing, but find themselves wearing the same things over and over.

They want to know what they can do to get back to A) their normal selves and B) have a more creative presence.

I think we’ve all been in a style rut at some point. I’ve certainly been there.  I’ve worn the same “uniform”   over and over again for a couple weeks straight, changing it up slightly on the occasion.

style rut

Consistently working on our presence takes focus and attention. Consistency is often an indication of our current priorities.  It’s not a bad thing if you’re in a rut.  Just take note, and shift your mindset into consciously creating a presence you love!

If you feel you’re in a style rut, the acknowledgement is half the battle.  Kudos to you!

The other half is figuring out what to do. Here’s some tips, strictly from my experience:

1. Figure out what you’re grabbing as your go-to look, and WHY.  When you understand the WHY behind your perpetual look, you’ll be able to facilitate forward movement and progress.

  • Maybe your grabbing your go-to outfit because you’ve just been lazy, but there’s definitely a reason why that is the outfit you’re grabbing. Figure out WHY.
  • Do you love your go-to outfit’s color?  Fabric? Is it comfortable? Is it an awesome design
  • Get even more specific.  Why do you like the color?  Why do you love the fabric?  Why is it so comfortable? How do you feel in it?
style rut2


2.  Take steps to create a different outfit that replicates the GOOD FEELINGS of your “rut” outfit.

  • Utilize the pieces you already have in your closet.  So if you liked the color in your go-to outfit, maybe you have a scarf or hat in that same color that you could accessorize a different look with!
  • Maybe you have a fabric that is just as comfortable – just in a different design.
  • Maybe you could utilize shoes that are just as interesting and make you feel the same way.
  • Do the opposite of what you usually do.  For example, if you always wear jersey material pants, switch it up and wear a jersey material skirt.
  • If you are purchasing new items, choose pieces that have similar qualities to your go-to look regarding how they make you feel .
style rut3


3.  Amplify your new creation.

  • If your go-to look is a snoozefest, add some spice.  Throw some accessories into it.
  • Add some color.  Add texture.  Layer. Rock something new.  Take risks.  Part your hair differently.  Put on nail polish or a new color.  Carry a clutch during the day.  Wear a hat. Put on different lipstick. Do something!!

Life is too short to have a boring presence or wear things you don’t love! Get out of your rut by changing your mindset into creating a representation that is uniquely YOU.

Stay on your style game.




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