How to look really bad visually (top 10)

Of course you don’t want to look bad, so I thought it would be interesting to give you feedback on what makes someone look really bad visually… Are you making these mistakes?

Nobody is perfect. This list can seem really mean, critical or rude, but it’s just pure honesty. When you acknowledge something is out of place, you can fix it.  That’s when your road to progress appears.

Please note, this list is just visuals… there are a host of other topics I could potentially put on a similar list expanding outside of visuals.

Here’s the top ten in no particular order:

1.You have massive dirt buildup under your nails OR you’re a guy and your fingernails are really long

dirty fingernails

2.Your clothes are too baggy

baggy clothes

3.Your clothes are too tight

too tight

4.Your clothing is too long or short

too short

5.Your eyebrows look like centipedes (really unruly)

centipede eyebrows

6.You’re hunched over

hunched over

7.Your shoes are all busted up and look like they’re 20 years old

old sneakers

old sneakers

8.  You have a scowl/puss on your face, aka “resting bitch face”

resting bitch face

9.Your face is so slick you have a pool of grease developing in your butt-chin (or it’s so dry it’s peeling and flaking onto your shirt)  OR you have so much plastic surgery in your face it won’t move

plastic surgery

10.Your clothes are way too worn-in (you have dumpy-butt, aka when your butt sags really low)

saggy butt

Please note, half of these were not about clothing.

Instead, they were about your physiology and hygiene.  Take that into consideration next time you get ready in the morning!!

Are you making these mistakes? If so, what are you doing about it? Also, do you agree with any of these? I’d love to know!

Stay on your style game.



2 thoughts on “How to look really bad visually (top 10)

    Miranda says:

    I think hygiene and the way we present ourselves has something to do with how we feel about ourselves. If someone feels defeated and has no self esteem, that is present in their wardrobe and how they carry themselves. There was a time where I had no self esteem. People could see that by how I carried myself and dressed. I thinks it more than changing how you look. I think its changing the way we view our selves.

    Karenann Lettiere says:

    Thanks for your comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Your esteem is something that affects so many aspects of our being. Our thoughts shape our reality, and when we don’t protect our positive and truthful thoughts, ones of lesser value, such as other people’s opinions of who we are, sneak in.
    Stay on your style game!

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