Maternity Wardrobe Tips for the Professional

When your pregnant belly is growing, how can you make your wardrobe work for you while still being professional?  This struggle is so real, and something I’m personally going through: I’m expecting a little bambino this coming December.

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From experience, I’ve gathered some great tips for you to maximize your professionalism with your current wardrobe, as well as advice for maternity and pre/post maternity-wear purchases:Trimester 1: Cover-up

  • Utilize majority of your current wardrobe
  • Wearing loose blouses will help conceal a not-there-yet bump
  • Pair a loose top or layers up top with tighter pants to maintain balance in your silhouette and avoid looking like the michelin man
  • Shift dresses are an excellent option
  • Statement necklaces, scarves, and statement earrings draw the eye to the face rather than your growing belly
  • Jackets, vests, and blazers add a nice touch to detract attention from the midsection
  • Choose flowing fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and light knits rather than clingy , elasticated fabrics
  • Accentuate your extremities rather than your belly – choose sleeveless tops or short hemlines.  If it’s winter, wearing tights can help create balance by reducing the bulk from your top half.

Trimesters 2 and 3: Reduce unnecessary “expansion”

The last thing you want is to look like a potato in a potato sack during these months.

  • Stick with elasticated fabrics that are comfortable.  It sounds counterintuitive, but the more your clothing fits or clings to your body, the more slim you will look – just make sure it’s in your size and not too tight
  • Creating 3 pieces vs. 2 will always maintain professionalism, even if you’re third piece is an accessory
  • Go with vertical stripes
  • Pointed toe shoes elongate the leg
  • Large prints distract the eye, but make sure it doesn’t overpower your frame. Remember when Kim Kardashian wore that head-to-toe printed Givenchy dress to the 2013 Met Gala? It even included gloves! It was like a 1970’s couch cushion devoured her. 
    kim print
  • Pair monochrome colors or colors in the same family the whole way through
  • Choose elongated jewelry such as dangly earrings or long, layered necklaces to create length
  • Add a belt to your dresses if the dress is too flowy; it will cinch in right above your belly
  • Anything made from 100% cotton or modal will be breathable and comforting during this period

When purchasing new maternity and pre/post maternity-gear:

  • Just an idea: buy gear that is machine-washable.  You want your clothing to last you even after you give birth. Therefore, do you really want to have to worry about taking things to the dry cleaners and picking them up when you’re running on 2 hours of sleep?
  •  Make sure to consider if you’ll be nursing after birth.  If so, what you buy now should be translatable to after birth as well. For example, a shirt or dress with buttons down the front will make for an easy transition to nursing.
  • Steer clear of polyester or weird, cheap, blended fabrics.    If you’re going to wear polyester during the hot months expect to sweat right through and be uncomfortable…  Stick to cotton and light fabrics; you can always layer up if you’re cold.
  • I find maternity gear is mostly a huge market where you’re just an exploited statistic.  Buying “normal” clothing, just larger, is definitely a viable option  – just make sure the fit is accurate. So if you’re going to size up or two in a shirt, make sure the length of the sleeves are tailored.  Same with pants and skirts – make sure they’re hemmed at the appropriate lengths to fit you.
  • Check out some brands that are meant to be pre and post maternity gear as well as maternity (i.e., Hatch)
  • The Bellaband can help you transition your pre-pregnancy pants and jeans nicely during and after pregnancy.  It allows you to keep your pants unbuttoned while concealing the button and gives you support around the belly area.  Click the picture below to purchase it on Amazon:

Sharing is caring! Forward this post to your favorite friends, colleagues or clients — any pregnant woman who’s working on their professionalism and has a dream to make a bigger, better presence in the world.

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