My Secret Weapon For Getting in the Flow


Over the past couple years I’ve grown my business, I’ve noticed that when I’m in a flow, I’m the most productive. It’s like the world stands still, and all I can think about is the moment.  …Enjoying the process.

But it’s hard to get in the flow.  Extremely hard. For starters, procrastination has challenged me consistently.  Not only in business but in many aspects of life as well. Most of us go through life waiting for the “time to be right” to start doing something worthwhile.

I’ve learned not to wait.  The time will never be “just right”.  I’ve learned to start where I stand, and work with whatever tools I may have.  Better tools can be found as I go along.


Additionally, most of us are good “starters” but poor “finishers” of everything we begin.  People are prone to give up at the first signs of defeat.  As a restless Gemini, I’ve experienced this firsthand numerous times. I’ll start a project and then put it down or forget about it. However, I’ve learned that there’s no substitute for persistence.

Taking procrastination and lack of persistence by the neck, I’ve brought these two morale-wreckers to light. Of course they happen naturally, and I forgive myself when they do, but I’ve noticed the best way to get in the flow again is to acknowledge they’re rearing they’re ugly heads, and do something about it.

The one secret weapon I’ve found to consistently work at not only punching procrastination and lack of persistence in the face, but to also get myself back in the flow again, is

self discipline.


Discipline comes through self control.  Before I can control conditions, I must first control my self.  Self mastery is the hardest job I’ve ever tackled.  I’ve found that if I don’t conquer my self, I’ll be conquered by my self. I realize I have a choice in every situation. And the choice to control my reactions and emotions for the greatest good is what brings me back to flow.

Self-discipline helps me choose work I love, choose important tasks, clear away distractions and learn to focus. It also helps me to enjoy myself, keep practicing, and to reap the rewards.

I share this secret weapon with you so that maybe you can relate.  Maybe this secret weapon can help you to be more productive.  When you’re most productive, you ooze confidence.  When you ooze confidence, your presence shines.  Now that’s a good style to try on for the day, isn’t it?!

Let me know in the comments section if you can relate.  What do you do to get in the flow?  Tweet or post a picture of your flow, and hashtag #STYLEHABITS  Don’t forget to tag me @KarenannStyle !!

Stay on your style game,



2 thoughts on “My Secret Weapon For Getting in the Flow

    Miranda says:

    This was well needed message for this week. I have been procrastinating all week. My first step to overcome procrastination is by not putting off replying to your emai!.

    Karenann Lettiere says:

    Glad to hear this post helped you Miranda!

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