Success Stories

“I really appreciated my experience with Karenann of going through my closet to see what I should keep and what I should get rid of, and then looking at existing clothes in new combinations. I liked the color analysis too. She’s an awesome experience and I would highly recommend! I actually enjoyed shopping after my work with Karenann! I used to get very frustrated and felt like I never found things that I liked. Now I know what I’m shopping for which is fun and I feel and look great! My closet now only has pieces I love to wear which changes everything. I learned so much in such a short period of time. Karenann has eliminated a lot of frustration regarding my wardrobe!”

-Danielle G.

Clinic Director, Chiropractor


“My favorite part about my experience with Karenann was learning about my colors and how to put together different outfits with what was already in my closet. I loved that she brought me a chai and a snack — she made me feel so special!”

-Erin O.

CEO, Author, Wellness Coach


“Having Karenann style and pre-select outfits worked very well for me. Sometimes I buy things online that look like they may work but it’s hard to tell how it will fit until I try it on. I really enjoyed having the clothes brought to me in the comfort of my home and the nice atmosphere that Karenann created with staging, flowers, champagne and snacks. I had a great experience and would wholeheartedly recommend her services. Thanks again!!”

-Lucia D.

Assistant VP, Investment Banking


“I’ve always bought things that I don’t love, or wind up being too boring with my choices.  I appreciated all of the options Karenann provided, including the door-to-door service! It was like the department stores came to me!  I would definitely recommend Karenann’s expertise to a friend!”

-Christina D.

Financial Controller


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